---In The Air There's A Feeling of Christmas

FTLComm - Tisdale
December 7, 1999

We all know and understand that for the retail business community, the Christmas shopping period is the most important time of the year. That's the reason we start hearing Christmas music in shopping malls up to two months before December 25.

However, some retail outlets do the same business year round, we all have to eat and food stores work their way through the calendar with various seasonal events but things are pretty much the same year round. For this reason decorating at Christmas in a grocery story is not toward the same crass, greed motivated purpose but instead is intended to merely convey the season and the feelings that go with it to the customer and share the ambiance of the season with everyone.

The picture at the top of this page was taken yesterday in the Beeland Coop and illustrates this general attitude of making things look seasonal as part of the Christmas spirit. On the right is the Christmas Tree and Santa's mailbox in the Home Centre and below is some of the decoration in the Beeland Coop cafeteria.

It seems that we have a need to make this time of the year special. Not just another day but days that matter at a time of the year when all things matter terribly. It is remarkable how in December our lives and activities change as we focus on enjoyment and sharing with each other our lives and the simply joy of being able to be here sharing in the moment.