FTLComm - Tisdale - October 30, 1999

Just as they did last year the Beeland Coop has got into the spirit of things with their warehouse sale taking place this halloween weekend. The store has been decked out the match the event and today the staff are all in costume.

The special haunted house has been upgraded for this year and will be busy all day Saturday and Sunday.

The Beeland Coop and its staff enjoy interacting with the customers and one of the main features of shopping at the Beeland Mall is stopping to see what the Sample Lady has for you. Be it pork balls, lasagna, mini bagels or honey mustard, each week she has special products to feature and a friendly greeting to go along with the new and promoted products. No shopping trip would be complete with a few minutes spent at this booth.

As inevitable as snow, it is once again time to push the Christmas products and Tisdale's first store Christmas tree was up in the television department of the Beeland Coop on Friday.