FTLComm - Tisdale - April 30, 2000
Having raised a family of three active sons who devoured sports activities, organised or individual, voraciously, it is a great thing to have a place to get the products you need for your family's sports needs that will do the job and keep safety as the number one priority.

Over the years, Tisdale has had its ups and down with sporting goods stores as the fierce competition from the massive chains and mail order outlets, made it hard to keep a viable business operating in town. In the seventies Tisdale had two well equipped and knowledgeably staffed businesses but four years ago the single store downtown closed its doors with a sports clothing vendor opening in the Mall.

Tisdale's Beeland Coop has always carried sports equipment, especially a good line of fishing gear, but it is only this year that we now have an outstanding sports department in the Coop mall. The QuickTime Panorama VR below gives you a look around that department and shows what a wide range of equipment is available and there is another whole section of fishing and camping gear. Tisdale and surrounding shoppers now have a first rate sports department to get their family sports equipment without a costly trip to the city.

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