north east of Tisdale at 2:00 this afternoon
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FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is still going to be a while before harvest really gets underway for this year. Most barley crops in the immediate area are ready to swath and I found a few close to town either down or partly cut. But in circling town I found only one field with two swathers working and you could see that the 15º afternoon cutting was "tough." Without much heat the dew and rain is just not drying up and the pea crops which have been ready to combine for more than a week are still waiting to see any signs of a combine. There was some talk this morning that if it would warm up this afternoon some peas might be harvested on Friday but the heat was just a weather promise.


Most wheat crops will still be a week of warm weather to finish off and Canola much longer. You can still see Canola crops between Tisdale and Melfort still in bloom and I saw some blue colour in a flax crop this afternoon. Both Canola and flax need some warmth to fill up their pods and most of their fields are green as grass.

The sun rises around 6:00AM and sets at 8:00PM and at this time of the year the days rapidly begin to grow shorter. The fields need full days of sunlight for perhaps two weeks to see combines in them.

I talked with one farm lady this morning who was on her way out to the field to harvest this year's crop of "garlic."

Timothy W. Shire

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