Our Saskatchewan Justice System is Rotten to the Core

By Mario deSantis, February 19, 2000



Our Justice system is racist to the very core of our Ministry of Justice, and it percolates down to
every institution, our police, and our legal community. It is scary, it is true, and people are dying
because of it. The RCMP is investigating allegations that policemen of the City of Saskatoon
would drive aboriginal people at the outskirt of the city, would take off their clothes, and would
abandon them to walk back to the city in sub zero temperature weather(1). Again, this police
  brutality is disconcerting but true.

racism is a
grim reality in Canada and in Saskatchewan

On July 17, 1998 Justice Ron Barclay stated "that racism is a grim reality in Canada and in
Saskatchewan. It exists openly and blatantly in attitudes and actions of individuals. It exists
in the fears, in the prejudices and stereotypes held by many people and it exists in our
institutions in the criminal justice system(2)" At this time, John White, Deputy Minister of
Justice, stated that Justice Barclay was "dead wrong" and that his ministry was working hard
to get rid of the social stigma of racism by spending $350,000 to help Aboriginal organizations
  deal with family violence(3).

racism is not fought with money

Again, our hypocritical leaders use numbers to show how hard they work, without realizing
that the texturing problem of racism is not fought with money but--as I wrote in one of my
previous article-- by looking "inwardly and take actions to get rid of outdated mental models
and cultural biases against Aboriginal people"
  Today, Deputy Minister John Whyte, referring to the RCMP investigation affecting the

a social

allegations of police brutality against Aboriginal people, has stated that he wants "to find the
truth, and to do what we can do to restore public confidence in the administration of justice
(4)" The truth of a social textured problem such as racism is not found by conducting only
one investigation by the RCMP. And Perry Bellegarde, Chief of the Federation of
Saskatchewan Indian Nations, has stated rightly that an inquiry is needed "There's got to be
an independent public inquiry starting immediately looking at policing, corrections, the court
  system, looking at everything, a comprehensive review(5)."


Mr. Premier Romanow is "dead wrong" in wanting to cure our social unrest and prejudices
by adding more policemen in Saskatoon and Regina(6). Mr. Premier Romanow's
"Rule of Law(7)" should have no place today in Saskatchewan, in fact his "Rule of Law"
should be shelved along with all the Rule of Law of the past and present communist and
  dictatorial regimes we have come to know very well.
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