The farm crisis and the globalization of our economy

By Mario deSantis, February 2, 2000

globalization and undemocratization Premier Roy Romanow has created a new form of intelligence in the "written word(1)".
As a consequence, our government, our bureaucracy, our legal community, and big
corporations have taken advantage of the written word--just or unjust--to establish
an overall pervasive Rule of Law and speed up the processes of globalization and
undemocratization in Saskatchewan(2) against competing individual businesses and
  In the 90's my business had the tangible potential to create relevant local wealth in the
single out the federal government for the farm crisis health care industry; however, the written word of our powerful Big Brains(3)(4) not only
prevented my business to be viable, but caused incredible social pains for me and my
family. Today the situation is worse, and the social implications of our globalization
policies have affected our children and our local farmers. Governments should assure
the right of every responsible citizen to a healthy and creative living; instead, we have a
provincial government which trades the lives of our children for science(5), and which
  uses the written word to single out the federal government for the farm crisis in the Prairies.
sole responsibility of the federal government to assist our farmers Twenty five per cent of our children live in poverty and the first priority of our politicians
is to build a Synchrotron in Saskatoon so that they may be reelected in the next election(6).
Most of our fifty five thousand farmers are experiencing the greatest drop in their income
since the depression, and our Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter(7)(8), Minister of Agriculture,
says that in accordance to the written word it is the sole responsibility of the federal
government to assist our farmers(9).
large corporate farms and profits will be the bottom line Our Premier Romanow refuses to provide any governmental direct assistance to our fifty
five thousand farmers, and as a hypocrite has stated "Put the method of production in the
hands of large corporate farms and profits will be the bottom line, and they will pay and
pay and pay and pay for expensive food(10)."
  Dear Honourable Roy Romanow, a contract has been put on your head for your incompetence
  and arrogance(11), why don't you trade our money for the lives of our local farmers?


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