A message for Health Minister Pat Atkinson:
Wear Clean Underwear

By Mario deSantis, February 8, 2000


  Dr. David Naylor, a Toronto's epidemiologist, stated in a 1992 interview with the Globe and
the lack of management we have in health care Mail that "...there is no corporation in Canada that would put up with the lack of management
we have in health care...(1)" As Saskatchewan is concerned, since 1992 we have experienced
the downsizing of healthcare along with a progressive increase of funding. Therefore, the
mismanagement of health care resources is continuing and it is at the core of our health care
crisis, in Saskatchewan and I believe across Canada as well. While dozens and dozens of
millions of dollars have been misspent for the closure of the Plains Health Centre in Regina
and the so-called implementation of the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN),
we have a hypocritical Minister of Health, Pat Atkinson, who has stated that she is "extremely
  worried" about the future of the health system across Canada and in Saskatchewan(2).
  This is what our Big Brains(3) are saying in Saskatchewan "the nursing problem is a Canada
this is not a problem of underfunding, it is poor management, wide problem", "the Y2K nightmare is the government's problem", "our patients die because
our doctors are not precise in their communication with health districts", "healthcare is
underfunded ","we need to save money by having fewer boards", "we need to produce more
nurses and recruit nurses from other jurisdictions", "we need to retain our medical graduates
and doctors", "we need this... and we need that..." This is not a sustainable healthcare system
and this is not a problem of underfunding, it is poor management, it is a corrupted system,
  it is poor leadership.
artificial and deceptive Pat Atkinson and her entourage of Big Brains have no common sense, they make decisions
raising their fingers to the sky(4), they have the excellent skill to shift the blame of their
incompetence to doctors, to nurses, to Ottawa, to somebody else but themselves. These Big
Brains are so artificial and deceptive that they are unable to look at themselves in the mirror.
think about the madness Just recently, one wheel chair patient has commented that the health system is so disorganized
that she's had more than a hundred different workers in the past year(5); think about the
continuity of care, think about the paper work behind the scheduling of healthcare workers,
think about the madness of the healthcare workers in having new patients all the times, think
about the patient and her embarrassment in seeing a new worker all the times.
Wear Clean Underwear We need a new leadership in health care, a leadership which is homegrown, which comes
from the heart, that kind of leadership we learned from our moms as Rhonda Abrams
explains in her book "Wear Clean Underwear(6)". Please Pat Atkinson, try to Wear Clean

Rhonda Abrams is a noted business management writer



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