Premier Romanow's Government:

The Obsession of Saving Money Versus Building Healthier Communities

Nipawin - March 22, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis
re-conceptualize the provision of health services Working together to build healthier communities means striving to achieve our sense of individual
and collective freedom. It means feeling free to express ourselves in our work, in our home, in our
communities, and therefore we can feel free only if we get along with our neighbours. So, having
healthier communities means getting along and feeling free together in our communities. And, we
cannot build healthier communities unless we are healthy ourselves, with our bodies, with our
minds and with our actions. This concept of being healthy is a universal concept and we embraced
it, with difficulties, when Louise Simard, former Minister of Health, launched the Wellness model
of health for building healthier communities. Her "A Saskatchewan Vision for Health(1)" was a
masterpiece of conceptual understanding on how we should strive all together to build healthier
communities and how we should re-conceptualize the provision of health services within this broad
understanding of the Wellness model of health.
save money and constrain our freedom Let me not go through Simard's vision of health, let me just say that her vision was a paper vision,
a vision enforced by legislation, and a vision executed autocratically by our government, our
bureaucracy and our Tin Pot dictators of any political colour and business affiliation. The main
paper goal of Simard's vision was to give back the responsibility for our health to our communities
through the formation of health districts; instead, our health has been dictated more than ever from
the ivory towers of the government and of the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations
(SAHO). Simard's vision was put in paper because our leaders didn't have any vision, the only
vision they have is not for building healthier communities but to supposedly save money and
constrain our freedom to build healthier communities.
our inept leaders are not working for building healthier communities This is the paradox of our leaders, they put on paper our vision because they cannot express it
with their walks, with their talks, with their hearts, and with their actions. Our leaders don't have
a vision, their main objective is to save money against creating wealth, to build a Synchrotron
rather than provide needed education for our children, to create additional layers of bureaucracy
rather than furthering our imagination for working more creatively, to downsize people rather than
assisting their families, to increase the wealth of our global corporations rather than diversify our
economy. In short, our inept leaders are not working for building healthier communities, they
work with the numbers provided by the research work of our bean counters, statisticians,
economists, academicians and other eminent Big Brains; and in doing so they have created a
world for the few and privileged, a world where people are divided, alienated and unable to
  express themselves.
overall drive to save money at any cost This government is not pursuing the democratic goal to enrich our communities and create wealth.
This government has the overall drive to save money at any cost because they have no imagination,
their Big Brains are so full of numbers that these numbers spill all over the place, on TV, on the
radio, even in the bedrooms of our politicians. I tell you something, all these numbers should be
flushed out into our sewage system so that our Big Brains can start thinking again and make sense
  of whatever they say.
not for creating wealth and healthier communities but for saving money I have followed the later discussions about the regionalization or amalgamation of local
governments(2) and I have read the recent article "SARM critic merits attention(3)" by Murray
Mandryk. In this article, Mandryk refers to the brief submitted by Fred Sutter to the Garcea's
panel on municipal renewal, and he tosses so many numbers to make your brain spin. All these
numbers centre on a municipal model that combines nine Rural Municipalities (RMs) and six
villages in southwest Saskatchewan. Again, the bottom line for describing this municipal model
is not for creating wealth and healthier communities but for saving money.
just a bunch of statistical numbers spin-doctored Now we know how the Wellness model worked for health care, it worked so well that the
government turned health care to a gambling casino(4). Do we really want another casino in
Saskatchewan and legislate the new Municipal model of government? Yes, but only yes "IF
the people directly involved decide that is what they want to do! IF local citizens feel comfortable
with all forms of government moving further away from them... IF we heard the government had
been lobbied by our local councillors to force amalgamation of RMs(5)" With this government
there is no IF, just a bunch of statistical numbers spin-doctored by our consulting experts. This
is not democracy, this is not building healthier communities, and this is not saving money either
Honourable Premier Romanow!
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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