Honourable Pat Atkinson:

Spending More Money and Running for the Laurel of
"Saviour of Medicare"

Nipawin - March 24, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

health care is mismanaged

I am going to play the same song, that is health care is mismanaged. The government is going to
play the same old song "health care is underfunded, health care needs more money from Ottawa."
And then I say "how much money do you want?" the government plays the same old song and
says "I want more," I respond "How much more money?" the government plays the same old song
and says "I want more money of more money," I respond "How much more money of more
money?" and the government plays the same old song and says "I want more money of more
money of more money."

geographical and temporal boundaries are being broken

Please dear reader, let me know if a spiral situation like this can go on ad infinitum for a government
and its bureaucracy which wants more and more money all the time. This government and the
Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) have no understanding of what it means
to create wealth, of what it means to build healthier communities, of what it means to be democratic.
What they know is to ask for more money all the time; and to have money circulate in the province
taking from the poor to the rich, from the rural to the urban, from the small business to the big
business. This is the master plan of this government; in an era when geographical and temporal
boundaries are being broken, this government is pursuing a policy direction for the benefit of the
few and privileged, a policy direction which is void of any imagination for creating healthier

regressive step to a Dark Ages solution.

I reiterate, and I will never get tired of it, that health care is mismanaged in Saskatchewan, it is
mismanaged across Canada. In Alberta we have a government which is putting $95-million into
Alberta Hospital at Ponoka(1), a brooding, neo-Gothic structure built in 1911. The Canadian Mental
Health Association has stated that putting so much money into this institution "is a regressive step
to a Dark Ages solution." And to people who have been complaining that such expenditure will take
away resources needed in other areas of health care, David Bray, a spokesman for Alberta Health,
has stated that these $95-million "will not take away from other programs." It is an absurdity, and I
cannot understand how these politicians and bureaucrats play with blatant lies and get away with it.

increase of 25% over the last five years

We have another number game in Newfoundland. Premier Brian Tobin has just released a budget
which sees health care expenditures jump to 35% of the total budget ($1.2 billion out of a total $3.4
billion), an increase of 25% over the last five years(2). After health care boards went over budget by
some $40 million and with such a big expenditure into health care, Premier Tobin is trying to show
his commitment to health care and become the Saviour of Canada's faltering medicare system.

40% of the provincial budget

But wait, the number game is bigger in Saskatchewan, and this is not happening by chance. We
must remember that Saskatchewan created medicare, and this socialist NDP government wants to
be first at any cost, and in any area. First in infant mortality rate; first in being a racist society; first
in juvenile crime rate; first in giving the finger to the electorate; and first in spending more relative
money in health care, a whopping 40% of the provincial budget, plus today's current health districts'
deficit of some 50 million dollars. No doubt, Minister of Health Pat Atkinson is running first for
the laurel of becoming the Saviour of medicare, and no doubt she will be playing the old song and
ask for more money of more money in the next meeting with Allan Rock, Federal Minister of Health.
  Quote by Albert Einstein "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"
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  General reference: Articles by Mario deSantis published by North Central Internet News


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