Reader response to Mario deSantis' article on

Dr. Cassidy and SGI's nofault auto insurance policy.


I read your Cassidy article on Ensign, and as always you are looking in the right places.

There were charges of fraud in that research, as you addressed.

Remember that the statistical studies can always be skewed by the statistician.

Also they talked only about minor injury, and the fact that these people while under Sask no fault went to work faster. There is no mention that they were ordered to work. There was also no mention that the legal process was in part responsible for the delay of people returning to work. This study is so flawed it is sickening to me and any other victim who has been forced to work and told they were healed when they have often times not even had the proper diagnostic tests to indicate what is in fact wrong with them (due in large part to the failing health care system, and waiting lists).

This course of action by SGI and other insurers, is simply this, first, the claim is labellled as cured, regardless of complete medical proving such, next the patient is put in the proper statistical box, then if the client complains they are labeled as a whiner, malingerer, faker, scammer, ect. Then if they are never fully recovered, in is a non SGI responsible injury, and the claimant is scamming for sure!! This scenario can and does happen, it is repeated over and over again in WCB. The difference in WCB is that these people have no choice but to go back to work where they are reinjured, given a new claim number, the told that...what happened in the second injury could not have caused such a severe reaction (ignoring the first injury) and therefore the claimant is a liar, faker, it could not have happened at work, you get the idea. It is nearly impossible for the WCB to look at a multiple claims as their failure, it is the claimant that must be vilified.

I am to tired to go on. but if you have any questions let me know.