Who cares of being left or right

Nipawin - July 6, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis


Traditionally and conventionally, economic policies have been described as being leftist or rightist.
And as a consequence, the related political parties supporting these policies have been described
as leftist and rightist, and the elected representatives of the people have been sitting to the left or
to the right in the legislative assembly.

World War

This conceptualization of economic political policies was carried at the international, national and
local level. So, if we refer to the immediate post World War II political setting, we had capitalism
versus communism at the international level, and in Canada we had the New Democratic Party
versus the Conservative Party at the national level, and we had these same latter parties at the local
level in Saskatchewan.


I find very intriguing that today, at a time of rapid technological and social changes, we still think
in these political terms of left and right. Traditional communism has died with the breakdown of
the Soviet Union, our Canadian national policies have regionalized and lost their significance of
left and right, yet our Saskatchewan policies are identified as socialistic policies under the NDP
party and as right wing under the recently formed Saskatchewan Party.


I mean, who cares if Romanow's policies are socialistic when we have rampant corruption in our
textured leadership and the blame is always put on the people who do the work. For me, there is
no more left and right, what I care is to have our freedom back and live in a motivating and
democratic society.