Pandemonium and no principles
in health care

Nipawin - July 15, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

needs-based funding allocation

As early as 1995 I stated that "Saskatchewan Health shifted its attention from the universal
budgeting and accounting processes to the needs-based funding allocation(1)" and that
"Saskatchewan Health ignored the importance of the overlapping economic and social
relationships of historical health services, historical funding, and historical healthcare level
of employment of the districts. More importantly, Saskatchewan Health neglected to understand
that budgeting and accounting processes are not mutually exclusive with the different methods
of funding allocation." I also stated that "the districts will feel autonomous and effective when
they will be able to live within their funding and operate through provincial wide standardized
budgeting and accounting processes."

secrecy - deficit

Today, July 14/2000, we hear that the districts' budgets have been developed in secrecy, that
most of the budgets will experience a deficit, and that of the thirty-two districts, only five saw
their budgets accepted without change by Honourable Pat Atkinson(2), Minister of Health.

not given the autonomy

MLA Brenda Bakken was very perspective when she said "the health districts are running
deficits, but at the same time they're not given the autonomy to find a way to improve their

two-hundred eighty jobs
have to be

Further, Pat Atkinson has stated that about two-hundred-eighty jobs will have to be cut provincial
wide(3). In the province we have some forty-thousand people employed in the health districts,
and Pat Atkinson states that two-hundred eighty jobs have to be cut! It is ridiculous to hear such
non sense from a Minister of Health, and it is more ridicoulous when for the last few months the
same minister has been crying to have more nurses for this province.

they are puppets

Where is the entrepreneurship of our districts in locally reconceptualizing health services? Where
is the autonomy of the health districts provided by the legislation? There is no entrepreneurship
and there is no autonomy of the districts, they are not independent, they are puppets of this
government and Pat Atkinson is breaking the Health Districts Act again and again.

a set of principles

Pat Atkinson has stated that "We're not micromanaging each individual district, but we are
setting out a set of principles which my understanding is what people are calling for."


Which principles Honourable Pat Atkinson? You break the law, you have a paper vision of
wellness, you have a phony needs-based funding allocation, where are your new set of principles
the people are calling for? Maybe we have to wait for the recommendations of the one-man
Commission on Medicare and two million dollars later to come up with another set of paper
principles in health care.


Health care has become a pandemonium in Saskatchewan, and the public is being perceived as a
bunch of idiots when the same ex-minister of health, Louise Simard, is blasting the government
for interfering in the autonomy of the districts(4) just after one day we receive confirmation that
her husband Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter has accepted a $250,000 executive position in the
oil patch.

still looking

This government has been in power for the last nine years and after passing unconstitutional laws
and breaking their own laws, they are still looking for a new set of principles on how to run their
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