A Governmental Jungle in Saskatchewan

Nipawin - July 16, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

Peter Senge

When I first read the book "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge I became taken by the thought that businesses should not be operating necessarily in the jungle of our society.


Have you ever heard the saying "it's a jungle out there." Yes, it is a jungle out there in business because we want it to be a jungle, and as we continue to say to our children "it's a jungle out there" we extend the jungle to include politics, education, and community relationships.

earn your freedom

Do I want a jungle of a society? No, I don't want it and it is a fact that I never get tired to say to my grown children "earn your freedom through education" and they are working on their freedom. And hopefully they will never give up this search for freedom since freedom is an elusive state. But heck, as they search for it they learn, they make more friends, they feel better, they live for helping themselves and for helping others. Therefore, it is fundamental for people to look for freedom, even though freedom is an elusive state for us all.

fundamental rights

And this is why for example, we had a French revolution and the American revolution and with them the understanding that we need a social charter or a constitution which would guarantee fundamental rights for the people. Having a constitution means that we have a guarantee that our fundamental rights are not infringed upon, or at least we have a guarantee of a legal recourse or remedy to fight any infringements of fundamental rights.

cannot trust anybody

But what happens when our own government in Saskatchewan breaks the law and gets away with it? It means that we get a pandemonium, that is the jungle has extended beyond the business circle to include our governmental services. It means we cannot trust anybody, we cannot trust our neighbour, we cannot trust our bureaucracy, and if we need help we cannot even trust our own lawyers. How can anyone, beyond the few and privileged, trust this government and live in this governmental pandemonium?
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