Studies conclude that natives are vulnerable to gambling addiction

Nipawin - July 24, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

1 / 4 gambling addiction

There have been recent studies, one by the Canadian Medical Association and another one by Darlene Auger concluding that native people are more vulnerable to gambling addiction. In particular, Auger has found that in a survey of 500 native adults from Alberta, one in four has gambling addiction. Auger says
"The unresolved grief that people have, if it's not dealt with, and that stress, that pain - we call it psychological pain - gambling becomes a form of escape, just like alcohol,"

statistical number game

In our articles, over and over again we have been explaining how common sense and simplicity have been cast aside by our politicians, researchers and leaders at large. We have also been stating how our leaders have been running our lives by the so called statistical number game and used the so called good psychology as a primary economic factor for growth. When are we going to stop playing the number game or use good or bad psychology as a justification for our social successes or problems?


You think that I didn't know that natives along with any other economic marginalized group of people suffer from gambling addiction? Certainly I knew that, but the root of the problem is not because of unresolved grief, but because of the lack of education and economic means. Freedom is inherent with our abilities to have choices and if we have no education and no economic means it becomes obvious that our choices are minimal and restricted to whatever we have around the corner, that is gambling, alcohol and drugs. And the fact that our Saskatchewan natives are involved along with the government in the gambling industry doesn't help in providing them with a better vision for the future.


Education is the primary prevention program for the natives as for everybody else and our government is failing in recognizing this urgent need.
  Psychologic pain blamed for native gambling problems, CBC Saskatchewan Jul 21 2000 12:45 PM EDT
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