Evidence is developing
against the two huge hog projects

Nipawin - July 28, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

"full steam ahead"

We have identified the progressive direction of this government to turn rural Saskatchewan
into a dumping ground for huge hog operators by relaxing pollution and labour standards(1)(2).
We have now further evidence of the planning carelessness of Big Sky and of this
government in proceeding with the two new 30-million dollar hog projects, one in Rama
and the other in Ogema(3). Even though water drilling came up dry in the Rama area, Florian
Possberg, president of Big Sky, says that the project will go "full steam ahead" using surface
water instead(4).

market hogs
per year

Local residents have been raising concerns about this project saying that there is not
enough surface water to support the hog operations. They pointed out that major hog
operations like Rama, producing some 116,000 market hogs per year, need 22-million
litres of water per year to operate and this concern is not being addressed.


Florion Possberg is confident he can get the surface water from a nearby dug-out and
says that
"construction will go ahead as planned...The earth moving equipment will likely roll onto the site in the next week and a half."

per day

The local residents are quite right in addressing the concern that 22-million litres of
water per year are not going to be available from the nearby dug-out. We know that in a
water-scarce region of Colorado, one pig factory alone produces 350,000 pigs annually,
consuming nearly two million gallons of fresh water every day - much of it used to flush
out massive amounts of manure(5). Therefore, the concern over the availability of water
is very real and Florian Possberg should not proceed with the immediate rolling of the
earth moving equipment prior to settling this concern.

occupational health and safety

In the meantime, the families of three hog men killed by poisonous manure gas are
disgusted with the province's response to the tragedy(6). After a two-year investigation,
the occupational health and safety branch says no one is to blame.

strong reservations

I am acquiring strong reservations about the good will of Big Sky and the good will
of this Government in serving rural Saskatchewan and protecting the lives of its citizens.


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