Simplicity, common sense
and the unreasonable behaviour of Greg Trew

Nipawin - July 29, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

foundation of "common law"

Simplicity and common sense must be our guiding principles yet we have people who
can thrive only in making up a mess of everything they touch. We must remember
that common sense and simplicity are the foundation of "common law" and they are
defined succinctly in legal jargon as "reasonable behaviour." The only reason why we
carry on unreasonable behaviour is because we lost trust of each other, and we have become
so selfish that we look after our own welfare at the expense of others.

we cannot

This is why our government is politically correct in skewing every information affecting
its administration, this is why our researchers carry on fraudulent studies in the name of
science, this why we have reached the point we cannot trust anybody.


Timothy Shire wrote yesterday that senior citizens in Tisdale have reversed a decision to
build a senior citizen centre in the North of the town and they are now planning to establish
a senior Citizens compound in the middle of town(1). Shire states that it doesn't make sense
to reverse a decision and undermine the previous work of so many committed volunteers,
and that it doesn't make sense to develop a segregated senior citizen compound. What is
happening with the senior citizen centre in Tisdale is unreasonable and this unreasonable
behaviour causes a waste of time, a waste of money, and animosity among the people of
  the town.

Greg Trew

Few days ago, I came across the news that Greg Trew, SEIU union representative, was
talking derogatorily against the striking airport workers in Saskatoon(2) and I commented
at home how he dared, as a union representative, to publicly talk against other union members.
Yesterday, I read the news that Greg Trew has resigned for personal reasons from the board
of the Saskatoon Airport Authority after Sharleen Stewart, president of SEIU in Saskatoon,
asked him to resign(3).

not the
first time

Greg Trew's behaviour was not reasonable and again because of this unreasonable behaviour
we create needless animosity among people. It is not the first time that Greg Trew's
unreasonable behaviour creates animosity among different union members. Last year, while
the nurses were striking and defying the 'unconstitutional' Premier Roy Romanow's
back-to-work legislation, we had Greg Trew on TV thanking Premier Romanow's
participation in reaching a tentative agreement between SEIU and the Saskatchewan
Association of Health Organizations (SAHO)(4).
  Let us hope that Greg Trew has finally learned a lesson and that he has become again a
reasonable man, that is simple and with common sense.


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