Government of Saskatchewan:
Playing good psychology and covering their assets

Nipawin - September 1, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

expense of the Saskatchewan people

Our agricultural minister, Clay Serby, has been working hard to diversify our rural economy.
And after the hogs and the hamburger patties have been given the green lights for their
economic growth at the expense of the Saskatchewan people, it is now time for this
government to play good psychology and to cover their assets.



Florian Possberg
on this committee

The pollution concerns raised by the building of huge hog farms by Big Sky Farms have
been solved by the establishment of a committee which will address water quality, and
Florian Possberg, owner of Big Sky Farms, will be sitting on this committee(1).



exemplary models

Another major change in the agricultural panorama is the appointment of Gordon Nystuen
as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food. Premier Romanow has praised the
multi-talented Gordon Nystuen and has stated
"Mr. Nystuen was born and raised in Spalding in rural Saskatchewan and... I am excited that Mr. Nystuen is returning to the public service as I believe he has an exemplary mix of skills that are ideally suited to leading the government's ongoing efforts to address the challenges facing the agriculture sector(2)."
I find strong affinities between Premier Romanow and Gordon Nystuen; they both are
exemplary models for this government to cover their assets in the face of mismanagement
and corruption; in fact, Premier Romanow was able to cover his major assets when
David Milgaard threatened a lawsuit against him(3), and Gordon Nystuen was equally
able to cover his assets when he mismanaged some $40-million of taxpayer money in
the now dormant Saskatchewan Health Information Network(4) (SHIN).




Congratulations to our politicians and bureaucrats for their relentless work in good
psychology and in covering their assets.
  General reference: articles by Mario deSantis


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