A no-fault Saskatchewan Government has no apologies:
we are going to serve ourselves as long as we have the power

Nipawin - September 5, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

immunized General Motors and Toyota

Ralph Nader ridiculed our government for not knowing the English language when in passing the no-fault insurance legislation they "immunized General Motors and Toyota and other auto companies and repair companies from liability." Today, we must laugh at Honourable John Nilson for not being able to read the balance sheet of the Centennial Food Corp.



governmental leadership is a laugh

At Ensign, we have been laughing at Honourable Eric Cline for his stupid attempt to create economic wealth by changing tax structures; we have been laughing at the chronic incompetence shown by Health Minister Pat Atkinson in re-restructuring the health care system; we have been laughing at Associate Health Minister Judy Junor when she defended the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) at the Legislature; we have been laughing at Honourable Janice MacKinnon when she went to Mongolia to promote economic opportunities; we have been laughing at Premier Romanow when he couldn't even discern the difference between the legal terms 'repealing' and 'rescinding'; and we have been laughing at other ministers and senior bureaucrats. It is a matter of fact, that this governmental leadership is a laugh and that their greasy talking and wheeling dealing has reached a new high in Saskatchewan political history.



no fault government

Have you ever heard any of our governmental politician or bureaucrat apologize for any wrong they have been doing in the last ten years? No, I haven't heard any apology, this government is a no fault government and they are immune from any fault.



absolutely apologize

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted a "great feeling of guilt and responsibility" in the wake of last month's Kursk submarine disaster. Air Canada's president Robert Milton was dismayed when he realized that his company was at fault of causing flight delays and lost baggage and stated "I apologize, I absolutely apologize as emphatically as I possibly can." And Ford Motor Co. President Jacques Nasser has been going directly into the living rooms of all American and Canadian households, he apologized for the safety concerns of his cars related to the recent Bridgestone/Firestone tire recall and stated "You have my personal guarantee that all (of Ford's) resources are directed to resolving this situation."



plastic faces

What about our governmental leaders? They are at no fault, they make no mistakes, they give us the runarounds, and they wear plastic faces with a satisfying smile as saying "this is our turn and we are going to be here to stay and we are going to serve ourselves as long as we have the power."
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