The National Post and Judge John Reilly

Nipawin - September 8, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis


I have read the National Post Editorial on Judge John Reilly(1), and I am surprised to the
eloquent writing of the author. It is my understanding that to be eloquent doesn't mean
necessarily that you give an honest message, and in fact this editorial reflects the
brainwashing power of the media it represents: pure garbage. This editorial opens
with the paragraph:
"Being a judge is not the right job for a crusading hero who wants to save the world. Heroes should be campaigning politicians, philanthropists, medical researchers or even investigative reporters. Canadian judges are bound by the common law rule that they must be neutral and unbiased, and must appear so -- anything less would undermine public confidence in the judicial system."



medical researchers

Yesterday, I had written a little story congratulating the victory of Judge John Reilly over
the disciplinary decision for his transfer to another court(2). This victory was hailed as a
victory for the individual right to have the judges away from the political and administrative
influence. Our National Post editor shows his reductionist limitations of his mental capacity
to grasp our social issues when he states that heros are found in the field of politics,
philanthropy, medical research and even in investigative journalism. We must tell our editor
that heros are found in each walk of life, and in this ever convoluted society, we can describe
as heros the people who can tell their stories.



Sharon Anderson

Yes, a hero is a person who can tell his/her own story! You think it is simple to tell your
own story? No, it is not simple, just ask Ms. Sharon Anderson, an aboriginal lady who
lost her child Zachary "Last year on Mother's Day " and who wanted her heart felt letter
be edited and published by her city's newspapers: nobody helped her out(3). Eventually,
Ms. Anderson was able to tell her story, and she is the hero, and the editors of the
newspapers she approached were no heros!



all walks
of life

So, what is important to know is that heros come from all walks of life, even from aboriginal
people! Have you ever imagined what would happen to this world if only 'campaigning
politicians, or philanthropists, or medical researchers or even investigative reporters' would
be the only heros? Just use your imagination and you will find the answer, because I tell
you, that the National Post editor doesn't have an answer to give you, what he gives you is
just an eloquent answer.



societal conditions

Our National Post editor states that 'Canadian judges are bound by the common law rule
that they must be neutral and unbiased.' Maybe our editor should understand that
common law cannot be disassociated from our own societal living, and there is no way
a judge can ignore the present societal conditions in order to be neutral and unbiased(4).




I don't want to digress more on what this National Post editor has been saying on Judge
John Reilly, however I warn our readers that the answers to our societal problems are not
found in the heros of the National Post, at least at this time.


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