Our Biased Researches Are Only A Symptom Of Corruption:
the only remedies are assertion of individual rights and judicial independence

Nipawin - September 28, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

not a behavioural problem

This morning I received the article "Financial interests may influence journal evaluations of
research" from Lorie Terry, spokesperson for the coalition against no-fault insurance(1).
The author of this article, Dr. Cynthia Shewan, states that there is evidence that the "conflict
of interest" of researchers supporting the interest of their financial sponsors is not a
behavioural problem but has become a condition, that is, it is a common problem in
the United States and elsewhere. Thomas Bodenheimer (NEJM, May 18, 2000) has
reported that industry influence can bias the research in the trial design, data analysis,
publication or non-publication of the results, control over publication, and authorship.
This influence by the industry to support biased researches is being addressed by the
Clinton's administration.




As Saskatchewan is concerned, the problem of conflict of interest of researchers has
become intrinsic in our institutional system and therefore this issue cannot find a
remedy through our governmental administration; in fact, this same administration
is supporting ever biased researches for the self-interest of their own public agencies
and crown corporations .



MEANS to satisfy these ENDS

In my past articles, I have shown how our researches are conducted to sway public
opinions, to support governmental policies, and to support the industry. Last week,
I wrote few articles about the tyrannical Policy Governance® model adopted by many
of our public agencies and this is another example on how our governors set their goals
(ENDS) and how our administrators and researchers choose our resources and use any
Machiavellian MEANS to satisfy these ENDS(2).



basic human rights

Accountant Gordon Adair was disturbed about the corrupted study on no-fault insurance
conducted by Dr. David Cassidy and has stated that no-fault insurance has become not
only a political problem, but a problem affecting our basic human rights(3). I have analysed
Cassidy's study(4), and I concur with Adair's position that no-fault is a flagrant
infringement of our individual rights by our own government.



udicial independence

There are no sufficient political remedies to the corruption of our own bureaucracy and as
a consequence the people, as concerned citizens, must take individual and collective actions
to stop our decadent authorities to cause further damages. Our statute laws have become a
mockery of justice under outgoing Premier Roy Romanow, and we must therefore further
support our judicial system and encourage the independence of our judges. We supported
Justice John Reilly when he took the initiative to uncover the breaking of individual rights
within an aboriginal community(5). But Justice Reilly had to pay a high price to assert his
own judicial independence, he had to go to court and appeal his Chief Judge Edward
Wachowich's disciplinary actions to have him transferred, and he had to endure many years
of frustration before he finally won over Chief Judge Edward Wachowich, another judge!



are our judges independent

Today, we have a lawsuit against Dr. David Cassidy and the University of Saskatchewan.
In this lawsuit, Dr. Emma Bartfay has stated that she was told to falsify the data for
Dr. Cassidy's study(6). We also know that Dr. David Cassidy had contracts with the
sponsor of his study, that is Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). Again, we
must support our judicial system and the independence of our judges, but, are our judges
independent yet?
  General reference: Articles by Mario deSantis published by Ensign http://www.ftlcomm.com/ensign/authors/desantisNG.html


Coalition Against No Fault In Saskatchewan, Box 24007, 240 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 8R8, (306)546-4424, coalition@dlcwest.com www.againstnofault.com


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