The Saskatchewan Government:
the continuing saga of our economic down fall

Nipawin - October 8, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

of numbers

We must break the conventional myth that our perception of being optimistic, rather than
having common sense, is a component of economic growth. Again, today we have the
manipulation of numbers and of economic policies which portray an economic well-being
in Saskatchewan. We have explained in our past articles that the degree of mismanagement
of health care in Saskatchewan is the highest of any other province. We have also reported
the regressive economic policies of this government in any area of public service. In particular,
we have been expressing the social concern that this government is skewing every evidence
of our social conditions to highlight the bright side of our economic downfall.



has been globalized

I am a simple man, and I don't need to play with numbers within a specific area of concern
to stress my disappointment about this government. My number game is very simple, this
government is a disaster for the simple facts that Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate
of any other province; that we are experiencing the highest population growth within our
poor aboriginal people while our overall population is stagnant at 1,000,000; that our small
economy has been globalized to the highest degree as possible; that our individual freedom
has been gradually eroded.



drop of .4%
in its labour force

Today I hear more B.S., that the Saskatchewan employment rate has decreased from 5.9%
in August to 5.6% in September(1). I am going to express my concern about these statistics
by stating that in the last year Saskatchewan experienced a drop of .4% in its labour force
participation while across Canada (including Saskatchewan) we experienced an overall
increase of 1.9%(2). Statistics is the discipline our government and researchers are using to cover
up their misdeeds.




Today, I also hear that Staples will establish a Call Centre in Regina(3). And guess what,
we are going to have 600 new telephonists and we are going to further decrease our
unemployment rate. And I forgot to say that the province will provide money to train these
telephonists. The saga of this government continues...
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  Today's picture is of the old UGG elevator site in Tisdale that was knocked down this past week.