Maclean's Ranking of Universities:
University of Saskatchewan 15th out of 15; University of Regina 11th out 11

Nipawin - November 14, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis


Few days ago, referring to the spin-doctoring abilities of Honourable Janice MacKinnon I
stated "It is outrageous to see politicians who use their highest education and knowledge
not to teach but to mislead the people(1)." And the influence of this cheating behaviour of
our governmental and academic leadership has finally reached the lowest point as our
universities have been ranked last in their respective groups.



the tube

The University of Saskatchewan ranks today 15th out of 15, and the University of Regina
ranks 11th out of 11(2). While the current governmental politicians have been busy in jailing
the past corrupted few Conservative politicians, our Romanow's leadership has been busy
in bankrupting the social and economic fabric of the province. And now it is the turn of our
higher education to go down the tube.




Our academic researches contracted out by this government have been one dump after
another(3), and it is time now for cleaning up the mess we have already on our hands.
And to say that last week, the StarPhoenix was wondering why Saskatchewan doesn't
get the fair share of research chairs(4): We have the answer, it is because our researchers
have been cheating all along in providing the MEANS to justify the ENDS of this corrupted
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