The Fifth Estate: Scandal of the Century

Nipawin - November 30, 2000 - by:Mario deSantis


I have watched the Fifth Estate program on TV and I have been taken by the merciless
and concerted behaviour of the police, social services and justice system in firstly
accusing the Klassen family members for sexually assaulting children in their foster
home and then when they discovered the Klassens were innocent they continued to
cover up the truth under the false pretense to protect the children.




I am content that this dramatic story has reached the public at large and we have therefore
the hope that justice can take its course against the willingness of both the police and this
government. The story began when Michelle Ross accused Rick Klassen of sexually
abusing her while she was a foster child in the home of Rick Klassen's brother Dale in






The ensuing sexual investigation was conducted by Corporal Brian Dueck of the
Saskatoon City Police and the consequences of this malicious investigation have caused
criminal charges, time in jail, and continuous nightmares for many people including the
Klassen family. All the charges were eventually cleared and now we have the confessions
that Michael Ross was the perpetrator of sexual assaults against his sisters Michelle
and Katherine, and that all the accusations against the Klassens were the fabrications of
these children as influenced by their talking with Corporal Brian Dueck(1).




You can read the detailed documentation of this scandal at the web site but what I find very interesting in this scandal is the
lawsuit launched by the Klassen family against the police, social service and the justice
department. In this lawsuit, the Klassens are asking "punitive and exemplary damages
in an amount exceeding $10,000,000.00 or in such amount as this Honourable Court
deems just(2)." Finally, we have a lawsuit including punitive damages and it is time that
the justice of common law takes over the nofault administration of our governmental




We have been documenting for sometime the decadent state of our democracy and the
related need to take charge of our rights as individuals. Therefore, I applaud the Klassens
for pursuing this course of justice for themselves but above all for all of us, and
re-establish the principle that we must not tolerate any fraudalent behaviour from our
governmental administration, especially from the police, social service and the justice


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