Nipawin - December 4, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

business is
as usual

While our financial analysts refer to quarterly earnings of our corporate businesses to value
the assets of our corporations, our Honourable Janice MacKinnon takes a bolder step and
every month she issues a News Release to tell our business community that business is as
usual. This is in sharp contrast to the more enriching economic directions that business must
not be as usual and that our vision must be one of long term social and economic sustainability.



Saskatchewan led Canada

With the assistance of her spin doctors, Janice MacKinnon has been writing off the increasing
number of disenfranchised people and has recently stated:
The province's unemployment rate of 4.5 per cent in November was
considerably lower than the national rate of 6.5 per cent. ...The
performance of our economy is a testament to the diversification
efforts of our businesses and our people ...Saskatchewan led
Canada in economic growth per person over the last decade,
leading to the Globe and Mail naming Saskatchewan the Star of
the Nineties(1)




I am going to give you, Honourable MacKinnon, one set of my perceived numbers. And I
understand that my numbers are just one perception of our reality, but then which is better,
the reality of a spin doctored Star of the Nineties or the reality pictured by a more intelligent
common sense. Again, it is my contention that education(2) and common sense(3) are the
best ingredients to picture our realities and strive for a better vision of our social conditions,
rather than to use selective skills and deception to follow the Star of the Nineties.




One set of my perceived numbers: the Labour Force was 512,3000 in October 2000 and it
was 510,800 in November 2000, that is a difference of minus 1,500; Employment was
484,200 in October 2000 and it was 484,800 in November 2000, that is a difference of plus
600; Unemployment was 28,100 in October 2000 and it was 26,000 in November 2000, that
is a difference of minus 2,100.



have left
the province

One kind of reasoning would follow the understanding that since in the month of November
unemployment decreased by 2,100 people, then out of these 2,100 people, 1,500 people left
the Labour Force and 600 people found jobs. The mobility of the Labour Force is the highest
among young people and therefore there is a strong indication that most of those 1,500 people
who left the Labour Force have left the province as well.



population down 1.9%

I am developing the understanding that Saskatchewan is being undermined by three
phenomena, the first phenomenon that our Labour Force is becoming on the average older,
the second phenomenon that our ever growing young aboriginal population is increasing
the ranks of our unregistered unemployed(4), and the third phenomenon that last year our
Saskatchewan population shrank dramatically by 1.9 percent(5).



trumpeting of our economic growth

These three phenomena of a shrinking older Labour Force, of an increasing number of young
aboriginal unregistered unemployed, and of a shrinking population at large while the aboriginal
population grows at an unprecedented rate, are our bleak realities. And I am appalled by the
continuous trumpeting of our economic growth by Honourable MacKinnon. Instead to rely
on the education of our people and on our own resources, MacKinnon continues to mislead
us by invoking the senseless appreciation of outside organizations.



credibility problem

Last February, MacKinnon supported the continuous economic growth of the province by
stating that in accordance to the United Nations, Saskatchewan was the best place to live in
the world(6), and today, realizing that the United Nations has its own credibility problem,
MacKinnon supports our economic growth saying that the Globe and Mail named
Saskatchewan the Star of the Nineties. And, contrary to what the Globe and Mail writes,
I am going to say that Janice MacKinnon is our Star of Deception as she has stated that
Saskatchewan was the only province to reduce the child poverty rate(7) and as she continues
to spin doctor the reality of a world for the few and privileged(8).




I am very appreciative of other people's opinions and therefore, by copy of this article to the
department of Economic Development and to the Globe and Mail, I kindly ask to be provided
with the relevant documentation supporting the naming of Saskatchewan as the Star of the




We will continue to challenge the present paradigm of economic deception, and we will
continue to share our common sense and opinions and thus try to make democratic
changes, one small step at a time, all the times.
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