Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's involvement with the BDC's $615,000 loan
Part 4. Doling of Governmental Money

Nipawin - December 11 - by: Mario deSantis

entertainment industry

We have seen in our previous article(1), how Mr. Chretien's job creation program in his own
riding of St. Maurice has expanded the service and entertainment industry by creating more
jobs in the area of "Consulting for Influence Peddling" and "Consulting for Fraud and Theft."
However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has not been receptive to Chretien's job creation
program, and they have been busy in putting extra work and limiting the business role of
Chretien's consulting friends. Some of the governmental activities which helped to enhance
the RCMP's visibility into the role of Chretien's business consultants are described as follows.


Doling of governmental money

Claude Gauthier

In November 1997, Transelec, a company controlled by Gauthier, gets a $6.3-million contract
from the Canadian International Development Agency, a deal later criticized by the federal
auditor general(2). This is the same Claude Gauthier, another loyal Chretien's friend, who in
1996, by buying a parcel of land adjacent to Chretien's golf course improved the course's
troubled finances.




In October 1997, Mr. Chretien was told that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was
investigating the after effects of his doling of money and as a consequence he launched his
own self policing and private investigation against his own governmental practice to dole
money away to his friends.



Transitional Jobs Fund

Mr. Chretien asked his own direct subordinate Harold Wilson, Chretien's Ethics Counsellor,
to probe the governmental disbursements of the Transitional Jobs Fund (TJF). Mr. Wilson
did a superb job by identifying in writing the corruption of the granting of TJF money, and
coincidently this occurred four or five days before the RCMP charged Pierre Corbeil, a
Liberal organizer in Chretien's riding of St. Maurice, of influence peddling for asking
companies seeking governmental grants to pay him money. Mr. Wilson identified a parallel
or a private system of vetting TJF grants operated beyond the scope of the bureaucracy(3).
Later, in 1998, Pierre Corbeil was convicted of demanding $30,000 in payments for his help
in securing job grants; and because Mr. Corbeil pleaded guilty there was never a criminal
trial and we cannot know the extent of criminal corruption in the governmental doling of job .




Personal Observation


I am developing the understanding that the Ethics Counsellor, Howard Wilson, plays the role
of a dummy buffer between the RCMP and Jean Chretien. And to say that the RCMP is run
by a Commissioner responsible to the Solicitor General of Canada, appointed by Jean Chretien.
So, while in the United States we have President Bill Clinton who has been impeached for a
peccadillo, we in Canada have Prime Minister Jean Chretien who personally doles governmental
money to his friends with criminal records, and he gets away with it. And the RCMP cannot
catch him for two reasons, first the RCMP has to contend with Chretien's private line of defense,
the Ethics Counsellor; and second the RCMP needs to have clearance by the Solicitor General
of Canada(4), Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, directly responsible to the Prime Minister.



the law

Now, you tell me what kind of democracy this is. Jean Chretien is certainly above the RCMP,
but could he be above the law? I have made up my opinion, and you can make yours, and if
you are not afraid as I am, maybe you can share it with your friends.
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