Nipawin - December 18, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

minimum responsibility

We have been writing a bit about the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) and
the incompetence shown by both Saskatchewan Health and the Saskatchewan Association of
Health Organizations (SAHO). SHIN is just a dummy agency which receives and spends
governmental money with the minimum responsibility to account for these ins and outs of





asset from
a liability

In the past, we succinctly characterized the incompetence of our health care leaders by saying
that these people cannot recognize an asset from a hole in the ground(1). This was just a
figuratively way to express our outrage at the rooted corruption of our health care system(2),
but today we learn from Fred Wendel, the Provincial Auditor, that our health care leaders,
literally and not only figuratively, cannot distinguish an asset from a liability(3).




These health care leaders not only build holes in the ground but they stick their own heads
into these holes with the consequence that they can't see our reality anymore. And these leaders
include Brian Rourke(4), supreme asset of SAHO, and Louise Simard(5), Rourke's lieutenant,
who in the darkness of their holes in the ground keep telling us that we need a new vision(6).
And I wonder who needs a new vision.




My message is that we cannot trust these health care leaders as they invoke a new vision of
health in the darkness of our holes in the grounds. And we must thank our provincial auditor
Fred Wendel.
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