A thought on imagining and on predicting our reality

Nipawin - January 8, 2001, by: Mario deSantis  
To day I received an e-mail with the quote "Everything you can imagine is real" by Pablo Picasso. I received this e-mail as I was pondering about the future. My first thought as I read this quote was a restatement that our reality is our imagination, and therefore we have to create our future with our imagination.
But as I refer to the growing decadence of our political and business leadership, and to the consequential concentration of material wealth and political power, I realize how far-fetched is our vision to create a future closer to our imagination and human nature. Our political and business leaders are telling us that technological advances must be harnessed by governments and bigger corporations so that our future can be predicted and savings of money would occur for all of us.
In Saskatchewan, for example, the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) was conceived as an opportunity to have centralized medical records and save money and lives; instead, we wasted money, we are losing our privacy, our health care has become a gambling casino and people are risking their lives as they become ill.
Bigger governments and bigger corporations have destroyed free market capitalism, and now they are taking away our freedom and imagination, as they continue to become bigger and predict their wealth and our future.