Stockwell Day's Settlement
Increases The GDP

Nipawin - January 19, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


Last fall at election time, we didn't know much about Alliance leader Stockwell Day. At that
time we were able to learn that the world was created in 6 days; that the seventh day of the
week is a Day of rest; that earth is 6,000 year old; that 400,000 people can petition the
government for holding referendums; that law and order follows the game rule: two strikes,
you are out; and that Day fixed the numbers of the Alberta's budget(1).



more intimidation
than integrity

Today, we got another number from Mr. Day. In fact, the details of the settlement for the
defamation suit launched by Red Deer lawyer Lorne Goddard(2) have been disclosed by
Alberta Justice Minister Dave Hancock(3). Mr. Day is a man who radiates more intimidation
than integrity and in this respect, Goddard's statement of claim refers to Mr. Day's threat to
hire "a hotshot lawyer from one of the biggest law firms(4)" Mr. Day has been firm with his
promise to hire a hotshot lawyer, and as a consequence the settlement covers total legal
expenses in the amount of $729,000, while Mr. Goddard received $60,000 for damages.
The total cost caused by Mr. Day's bigoted and intimidating litigation with Mr. Goddard is
$792,064.40, and this cost has been paid by the Alberta taxpayers.



prolong the litigation

The Alberta ethics commissioner ruled in November 1999 that it would have been
inappropriate for Mr. Day to raise funds privately to defend himself. As a consequence,
Mr. Day decided to prolong the litigation rather than to settle early for a much smaller
cost and disclose his bigotry and jeopardize his hope to become Prime Minister of Canada.




Mr. Day's settlement with Red Deer lawyer Lorne Goddard is a learning experience for all
of us, on how this politician is able to increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) out of his
bigotry. Let us hope we don't receive more GDP's increases from Mr. Day, or for that matter
from any politician.
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