A Dramatic Scenario Of Saskatchewan Changing Demography:

The Aboriginal People Are Our Forgotten People

Nipawin - January 20, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


Our provincial aboriginal social policies have been focused in the last ten years on Native
claims, on Aboriginal self-government, and on economic development through gambling.
We are in a so called Knowledge economy, yet our government has not provided the
opportunities for our Aboriginal people to learn. Our government has continued a fragmentary
economic policy of divide and conquer with the result to extend the social condition for
the benefit of the few and privileged within our Aboriginal community. The office of the
provincial auditor has reported the poor predicament of our children living on reserves(1).
Our provincial jails include over 9,000 Aboriginal prisoners.



social and

I have previously reported the financial liability for not educating our poor children(2) Today
I want to provide a dramatic scenario for the future demographic changes of our province. This
scenario is not a prediction or a forecast of the growth of the Aboriginal people in
Saskatchewan; it is just a reasonable scenario to emphasize, today and not tomorrow, the need
to address social and economic policies towards our Aboriginal population.
---------------A scenario of growth for the Aboriginal population:
The registered Indian population living on reserves increased to 38,444 in 1996


from 30,893 in 1991, that is a population jump of 24% in a span of 5 years(3).
The registered Indian population living on and off reserve increased to 90,797 in
2000 from 74,095 in 1996, that is a jump of 23% in a span of 4 years(4).




The registered and non registered Aboriginal population is presently 14% of the total
population(5). In July 2000 there were 1,021,762 people covered by Saskatchewan Health.
Therefore, there were close to 143,047 registered and non registered Aboriginal people
living in Saskatchewan in July 2000.




From the statistics provided above we have an indication that the net growth of the registered

5% per year

and non registered Aboriginal population could have been in the order of 5% per year.



one million

Let us now provide a scenario of the growth of the Aboriginal population between the years
2000 and 2040 under the premise that this population is 143,047 in July 2000, and that this
population grows at the rate of 5% per year. I have simulated the growth of the Aboriginal
population and after 40 years this population reaches the value of one million people.



social and
economic consequences

You can refer to the following pictures reporting the details of this simulation run through
the Vensim(6) software package. But what is important to notice is that the Saskatchewan
total population has been stagnant at about one million people for the last decades, and now
we are presenting a reasonable scenario, as at this time, that the Aboriginal population could
reach one million people in the year 2040. I leave to the readers and to our politicians ponder
about the social and economic consequences for not addressing today the changing
demography of this province.
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A free of charge educational package for Vensim software is available at http://www.vensim.com