Nipawin - February 12, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I just received Brian MacLean's economic newsletter(1). MacLean provides few comments
about the article "Why Canada is a kleptocracy(2)" by Tom Flanagan, and since sometime
ago I wrote few comments myself about this Albertan professor,



per capita

I took the time to read this article. Mr. Flanagan states that from the 1960s through the
1990s, Albertans contributed an annual average of $2,103 per capita more to
Confederation than they received in federal benefits, and as a consequence he describes as
Kleptocracy the development of the Canadian political system over the past 40 years.




I certainly agree that our political development has gradually corrupted to reach what I
believe is the bottom. I also agree that our own leadership, be business, be academic, be
bureaucratic or otherwise, has eroded as well. This state of affairs is embodied by our
Prime Minister who is preaching human rights in China, while making sure to help himself
and his friends at home.




But when Mr. Flanagan says that Alberta's long-term interest lies in maintaining
property rights, free contracts and market prices and denounces Premier Klein's move
to help maintain lower energy cost for Albertans, then he reveals himself as the true
supporter of kleptomaniacs.



the absurd

Since when democracy is run on the notion of property rights? Since when we can
negotiate free contracts with our Energy businesses? Since when there are free market
prices? Professor Flanagan doesn't seek comfort in reducing the complex to
uncomplicated polarised black and white(3), professor Flanagan goes beyond the absurd,
and justly, economist MacLean says that he is merely implausible.
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MacLean's Economic Policy Page, February 10 2001 update




Why Canada is a kleptocracy, Tom Flanagan, February 6, 2001, National Post (if the link fails to work click here.)




Upon Considering What is Naught, by Timothy Shire, February 11, 2001