Joe Clark demands a public inquiry:
Jean Chrétien and his wheeling dealing with the Auberge Grand Mère

Nipawin - March 25, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

Grand Mère

It was last fall that we perceived as uncommon and unjust the behaviour of our Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in the Auberge Grand Mère's affairs. A few weeks ago we reported how media tycoon David Asper came to the defense of his friend Jean Chrétien and told progressive conservative leader Joe Clark and our journalists to put up or shut up. But Joe Clark and our journalists didn't put up or shut up, and now they have been highlighting more corruption charges against the Prime Minister and they are asking for the full disclosure of Jean Chrétien's involvement in providing the Auberge Grand Mère with a federal loan.



Canada Inc.

I have no interest in providing additional details in Jean Chrétien's efforts to use his political and governmental power to enrich himself and his friends. My interest is in providing the readers with the understanding that our democracy is being eroded little by little not by our individual leaders per se, but by their pursuing of decadent values where power takes over justice; where property rights take over human rights; where numbered legal corporations, yes corporations such as Chrétien's friends "#161341 Canada Inc," take over public and individual rights; where our business tycoons take over our individual freedom.



Joe Clark

Canada's social and economic performance has been dismal in the last 30 years, and this is not a problem we can solve with a quick fix and blame our Mulroneys or our Chrétiens or our Romanows. But certainly, we can reverse this social slippery slope and support Joe Clark's demand for a public inquiry into the wheeling dealing of Jean Chrétien with the Auberge Grand Mère's affair.