Lack of Democracy:
Institutional Corruption, Justice and Punitive Damages

Nipawin - April 2, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

progressively curtailed

As the justice system becomes a manufacturing enterprise to produce judgements on behalf
of the big multinational corporations(1) so our democracy is being progressively curtailed.




We have already pointed out of the no-fault approach of our own governments(2) and of the
HRDC scandal. Now we have our own Prime Minister Jean Chrétien being suspected of
committing fraud against the public interest. Jean Chrétien is being adamantly supported by
honourable Herb Gray, Deputy Prime Minister, by honourable Brian Tobin, Minister of
Industry Canada, and by his own caucus.




Our behavioural civil standards are being lowered more and more all the times, and as a
consequence the unethical and corrupt behaviour of governmental agencies and businesses
are going to be tolerated by the justice system. This tolerance has been evidenced by the
difficulties in granting punitive damages by the courts in the last few years.




We cannot allow our democracy to deteriorate further than it is, and therefore we must
re-establish the integrity of our public administration, the integrity of businesses, the
integrity of the Prime Minister Office, as well as include punitive (non-compensatory)
damages in the courts' decisions against the corrupt behaviour of governmental agencies
and businesses.
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