Debunking Classical Economics
and the New Economics of a Human Voice


Nipawin - April 19, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We live in an age of turmoil and rapid changes. The breakdown of the Soviet Union has
effected the triumph of capitalism over communism, however capitalism has not supported
a peaceful era of economic and social growth. We have wars in many parts of the world, we
have famines in Africa and Asia, the gap between the poor and the rich is increasing, our
world is becoming more polluted, yet we deceive ourselves in reporting that our Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) has been steadily increasing in the last decades.




Capitalism, as it is, is not the answer to our economic and social growth, and its classical
economic principles and theory have been rebutted by many social scientists. Kevin Kelly
has explained how the Internet economy has disrupted the law of demand and supply(1),
David Korten has pointed out the miseries caused by present capitalism(2), Lars Osberg
has been sidelining the measurement of the GDP in favour of quality of life(3), Amartya
Sen has been focusing on welfare economics(4), and Steve Keen is debunking the
discipline of Economics altogether(5).




It is a fact that our economic institutions and policies are inadequate in steering an
intelligent social growth, and a new direction must be taken by our governments, our
institutions, and our people to fight poverty, to protect our health, and to provide equal
opportunities for education and societal learning. Therefore, we must debunk the
dogmatic classical theory of economics recognizing that
"the decision to abandon a theory is never forced upon us by
reality but is always and essentially a human voice(6)."
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