Fyke's Report: Supporting the Tacit
Self-fulfilling Prophecy to Shrink Saskatchewan to Greatness


Nipawin - April 22, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


In September 1999, appalled by the deceptive leadership of former premier Roy Romanow
  I wrote

downsizing everything

"Premier Romanow has provided a provincial wide philosophy and leadership of downsizing everything; in fact, he has downsized health care, has downsized highways, has downsized crown corporations, has downsized agriculture, has downsized education, in conclusion he has put people out of work and out of the province."




And Timothy Shire, Editor of Ensign, has recently stated


"Implement the Fyke report and all that will remain on Saskatchewan prairies will be the grave sites of those who once lived here(1)."




Now that I have read the report 'State of the West(2)' by Robert Roach, a policy analyst
for the Canada West Foundation, I realize how perspective I have been in naming our
leaders as our Big Brains. These Big Brains have consistently provided solutions to our
social and economic predicament by reactionary economic policies of downsizing, with
special interest in the reactionary downsizing of rural Saskatchewan.




Roach says that between 1972 and 1999, Saskatchewan suffered a net loss of 155,181
residents, or roughly 15% of its population, to other provinces(3). What is more
frightening is that while the population of Saskatchewan has remained practically
constant at about 1,000,000 people for more than half century, Roach confirms that
Saskatchewan is the only western province with a population that is projected to shrink
during the next 25 years(4).




Now, as our largest cities have been experiencing a population growth, I just want the
readers imagine what will be happening to rural Saskatchewan if the Fyke's report is
going to be implemented at the time when our Aboriginal people are projected to double
their population in less than thirty years.




As I am concerned, I see the implementation of the Fyke's report as a further infrastructure
set up by our Big Brains' tacit self-fulfilling prophecy to Shrink Saskatchewan to Greatness.
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