Nipawin - April 26, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

mind set

I casually watched TV last night and while listening to an interview by the CBC
correspondent Rex Murphy with Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta, I was surprised by
the ingenuity and intelligence shown by the premier. Rex Murphy asked Klein if he had
an answer to the health care crisis and Klein replied he had no solution, but he
emphasized that he wants to have the best possible working conditions for doctors
and health care professionals. Also, Klein reiterated that pouring more money into
the health system will not cure it, and added that the major problem in health care is
the obsolete mind set of the present leadership who see in health care a sacrosanct
Canadian distinction which cannot be touched by anybody.




Yes, I fully agree with Ralph Klein, and we have been saying this for a very long time.
This obsolete mind set calcified in the big brains of our leaders has been the cause of
the health care crisis! As a consequence of this obsolete mind set, our leaders have been
mismanaging health care resources.




In early 1992 I was reporting Dr. David Naylor, a Toronto epidemiologist, saying


"there is no corporation in Canada that would put up with the lack of management we have in health care"


and Mr. Michael Decter, Ontario's deputy Minister of Health, stating that Health Care is


"the 8th wonder of the modern world...You can produce a high quality product and it cost you less(1)"


At that time, in the early 90s, I had no idea that our politicians, and then Premier
Romanow as well, were getting ready for the downsizing of health care in the name
of the second revolution as prophesied by Tommy Douglas(2).




What a farse! And just now, after the two million dollar Fyke's report, we have Roy
Romanow's fifteen million dollar Royal Commission on Health Care. The Saskatchewan
Government rejoices as Roy Romanow sets up his shop in Regina and creates new
needed wealth for the governmental city


I reiterate that the problem in health care is the obsolete mind set of our elitist politicians
and leadership, and this is why we have widespread mismanagement in our resources and
our health researches. Most of our graduating doctors are leaving the province, many
doctors are continuing to leave the province, and the recent departure of two psychiatrists
from Regina has prompted the remaining psychiatrists to state that these doctors


" have been trying to convince the ruling elite they would very much like to stay and work in Regina, given the appropriate facilities and respect... These psychiatrists have very rightly refused to surrender the best interest of their patients. While trying to plead for that, they have been treated with disdain and labeled as money-hungry(3)."




Yesterday, a report prepared by the Health Sciences Advisory Council states that our
surgical medical list system is in crisis(4). Ontario consultant Peter Glynn, chair of the
report, has stated that "the situation cries out for leadership" and there were suggestions
that more researches were needed to offset the growing problem with surgical waits.




So, the answer to our health care problems is a matter of leadership and research, and
therefore, the problems cumulate as the obsolete mind set of our leadership regenerates
itself and becomes more obsolete than ever.
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