Nipawin - Friday, July 6, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


David Korten, a prominent social activist, portraits our global economic direction as a plane flying on auto-pilot against a mountain. This economic direction is based on making money using money for people who have money. In this money driven economic environment we have a good number of people making money in the name of God. Korten says that these very often religious and racist people are


"inclined to believe that God gave the earth to humans to exploit for their own ends, and that commercial success is a sign of the individual's righteousness in God's eyes."




As an example of this social dysfunction, we have Christian Knight Daniel Kingsley Lear of Winnipeg, accused of evading at least $2.4-million in taxes, who has stated at his trial


"I am born of the Creator, I am born of God. The state has no influence on my creation. If I do not breach God's law, then I don't have to worry about these pecuniary matters."




In a more compassionate fashion, fired Police Chief Dave Scott of Saskatoon feels sorry that the city will now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to terminate his contract and has stated

"Colleen and I are very proud and thankful for what the City of Saskatoon has provided for our family and us... God Bless."

  So we have religious and racist people thanking God for making their fortunes at the expense of others and this is not certainly the message of God, this is just the tip of the iceberg of our social dysfunctions.
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  In a bold gesture by Mayor Maddin and the Board of Commissioners, Chief Dave Scott has been fired,