Nipawin - Friday, July 13, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


The Anti-Globalization movement is protesting the present world wide governmental directions to develop one global market where goods, services and people can move freely across any country while copyrights and business secrets remain protected and entrenched in the few hands of the big transnational corporations.




Now, you will hear from the conventional corporate controlled media, that the Anti-Globalization protesters are a bunch of people coming from any walk of life and whose main interest is to cause social disturbances. Corporate journalist Marina Jiménez bunches all the protesters as belonging to diverse anti-social movements and says


"It is the 'Summer of Resistance' for anti-globalization activists. Protesters can fit their riots into their holiday schedules."


Sylvia Ostry, a scholar at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, says contemptuously and ironically that Anti-Globalization is the business of


" One must be wary of the view that these loose and diverse coalitions represent a new form of globalized participatory democracy."


Dr. Anthony Daniels writes in the National Post

unscrupulous manipulators

"The anti-globalists are attached to a worldview in which only oligarchs can display undesirable qualities, and in which the common man is by definition good and admirable. To preserve this worldview intact, they have to invent a cabal of unscrupulous manipulators to hate and protest violently against. This is supply-side resentment: They hate the suppliers, not the consumers."

human rights casualties

Prime Minister Jean Chretien, after defending democracy at the Quebec summit at a price of $135-million and human rights casualties, vowed yesterday he will not allow violent anti-globalization protesters to "trash" a summit of industrialized world leaders when Canada plays host next July.


Our elitist leadership is so purposely demented, they don't want to realize yet they are the main cause of violence in this world. David Korten, a prominent social activist, has dedicated his book "When Corporations Rule the World" to the courageous youth who put their lives on the line in Seattle, Washington on November 30, 1999 and to his life partner Dr. Frances Korten. In this book, Korten synthesizes the catastrophic consequences of Globalization, including poverty, social disintegration, and environmental destruction, and says


"evidence of the resulting social stress is everywhere: in rising rates of crime, drug abuse, divorce, teenage suicide, and domestic violence... Violent crime is increasing at alarming rates all around the world."




Violence has therefore become an endemic consequence of Globalization. So, we have violence living with us day after day, there is violence when social activists protest the Globalization degenerative excesses, there is violence when our patriots celebrate Canada Day, and there is violence when innocent people are killed by the police here in Saskatchewan. I have a question for our Chretiens of the world, whom do you dedicate your Globalization's works to?
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