Nipawin - Friday, July 20, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


Our uneasy sense that something was terribly wrong in our decadent democracy started here in Saskatchewan with the writing of articles affecting health care, and the collusion between business and government. We found out that our patriot Roy Romanow had been wearing a mask in his very long political life and that his "Rule of Law" government had reduced Saskatchewan to be the crime's leader of any other province in Canada.




We moved our attention to federal politics and found out that Prime Minister Jean Chretien is no different from his long time friend Roy Romanow, and in fact he runs two governments, one for the official public, and one for his friends, and that is why his politics can be defined as "on the other hand politics."



one dollar
one vote

We further moved our attention to George Bush's electoral victory in the United States, and we found out the power of "one dollar one vote" over "one person one vote."




We had a glimpse at the work of our social researchers and economists and we found out they sell their souls to their sponsoring agencies.




I have been always a supporter of globalization in the sense to remove barriers suffocating the expression of our ideas and do business with anybody in the world. But today's globalization is not what people think as they refer to this word, and that is why I defined later the qualifying term "today's globalization legal framework."




As I refer to David Korten's definition of "Corporate Globalization" I find the more generic term "Money Globalization" more appropriate as it spells out that the current globalization is against "People Globalization."




Today as the leaders of the richest countries meet in Genoa they are confronted by some expected 150,000 protesters, what our media controlled journalists call vacationers. As our society has become more violent because of globalization, president George Bush will table at the G8 summit his view of the star war missile defense system, while the Italian army is deploying its missiles against eventual terrorist attacks in Genoa.

Epilogue : For today

Tim, one person is dead as reported by the news:
Protester dies in G8 summit clash

WebPosted Fri Jul 20 13:27:40 2001

GENOA - A demonstrator protesting against
the G-8 summit in Genoa, Italy, has been shot
in the head and run over by a paramilitary
police van. Police say the man has died.