Nipawin - Monday, July 30, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We have an institutionalized corrupted economic and political system based on greed and this is why we cannot trust anymore our politicians, our economists, our corporations, anybody. Under this corrupted social system we have a government which behaves like a farce, it provides the sanctimonious spin-doctoring of a good administration while in reality it behaves more and more as "you owe me one."




This "you owe me one" has become a new behavioral philosophy of the few and privileged of the New World Order. We needed the investigative report of CBC's Marketplace to find out that an Italian food company based in British Columbia was tampering the 'best before dates' labels on its products.




Where is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency? This agency is sitting on its assets, and in particular their meat inspectors go one step forward as they move up their assets and buy products at employee discount sales at the facilities they are supposed to monitor.



of interests

As per Jean Chretien's involvement in the Shawinigan's doling of money we need more spiraling additional laws and regulations to monitor the more spiraling additional conflicts of interests of our corporate friends.


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  Federal inspectors getting cheap meat. Conflict alleged. Chris Wattie, July 27, 2001 National Post