Nipawin - Wednesday, September 12, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


Social activist Susan George defines the globalization's mission as the
"trinity of freedom: freedom of investments, freedom of capital flows, freedom of trade in all goods and all services including living organisms and intellectual property."




This mission is supported by the elitist neoclassical politicians and economists, and it is mostly preached and executed through the new priesthood of the universe: The World Trade Organization (WTO), The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund (IMF).




Now we know that the banking system is able to create money by pyramiding debts and ask, for example, for an annual interest return of $720 out of an initial new money injection of $1,000; therefore, we must not be flabbergasted when a large segment of our citizenry is asking for the cancellation of international debts borne by the least developed countries. Also, we understand that for the

"past five years, more than three-quarters foreign direct investments was actually cross-border mergers and acquisitions."

That is, our Transnational corporations take over businesses in the least developed countries as their sponsored policies of globalization weaken these same countries.




As an example of the disastrous policies of the International Monetary Fund we can refer to the recently approved international $22-billion loan to Argentina. As a condition for this loan program the Argentina Congress has passed the federal "zero-deficit law." Further, the Argentina government will take
"steps to improve tax administration and strengthen tax compliance, reform of the revenue sharing arrangements between the federal government and the provinces, the streamlining of public administration, and overhauling the social security administration."
In addition, American banks and speculators will be charging a whopping 16% risk premium above the normal return for the dollars needed to back this loan program.



down 25%

Today, in Argentina, one in six workers is unemployed and millions of people have lost their jobs as industrial production is down 25% for the year.


I leave to my readers to figure out the consequences of this $22-billion loan program within the neoclassical gospel of globalization.
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