Nipawin - Wednesday, October 3, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


I am understanding, more and more, that our political and corporate leadership is corrupted. But this corruption is not a casual kind of corruption we can offset by cleaning up our house, it is inherently entrenched within our legal globalization of our economies. The corporations have assumed the role in our social systems, and they have taken over the rights of people as they own even copyrights of our own genetic makeup.


Air Canada has had financial and management troubles for some years, and now it has been demanding a bailout between $2 and $4 billion from the government. Timothy Shire writes to me that Air Canada was a crown corporation and that the suggested bailout in the order of few billion dollars is much more than what the company is worth now. We have business people making money when crown agencies are privatized and then we have these same business people demanding bailout money when they are in trouble and laying off thousands and thousands of people.




Robert Milton, CEO for Air Canada, has been laying off some 9,000 employees this year while he is currently employed at a salary of $1-million; should he be asked to leave he would be entitled to $3-million in accordance to his private contract of employment.




We must understand that the private contract is being abused by our hegemonic leadership as they can cover their assets when they retire while axed employees have to endure the pains of unemployment and the anxieties of an uncertain future. John Roth, CEO for Nortel Networks, will be laying off some 50,000 employees this year and only God knows how much money he will have when he retires.




The integrity of our political leadership is at an all time low as our aspirant prime minister Joe Clark has been asking lately for the assistance of former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Today, I visited the web site of 'The Last Amigo' and I am reminded of the Airbus story in which millions and millions of commission money were disbursed to Canadian and German amigos.


Instead to end corruption, end poverty, and pursue justice around the world we have the new global agenda of War against Terrorism with the consequential stronger convergence of corporate and military power.
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