Thoughts as James deSantis takes more pictures in Shanghai

Nipawin - Tuesday, October 16, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


As I was browsing the net for ideas and news, I recalled that my son James told me, yesterday, he would have put some more pictures on his web site; so out of curiosity I accessed his photo albums at a Microsoft managed web page and I was delighted to see two new pictures. One picture showing the sign of the Centre of Systems Dynamics and the other one, I believe James' classroom, where his students are being flooded with artificial light as he delivers a lecture.


I am very partial to the philosophical social concept of System Dynamics and unconsciously I have been a natural supporter for this social philosophy encompassing every field of study and therefore unifying our over all understanding of our social struggle for a better humanity. And as I reflect over this conceptual understanding to see the world as interrelated in time and space I think about the Chinese's membership to the World Trade Organisation. Over a billion people will be nearer to us in our globalized world and I am sure that our vision for a better humanity will continue at a stronger pace, and place the current war on terrorism as an understanding of our fragility in pursuing our national freedoms.






In few days the APEC summit will take place in Shanghai, and leaders of many countries will get together as they ponder on new business relationships and on how to bring peace with prosperity to our world which includes now the Great China.


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