President George Bush's policy of Divide and Conquer:
having Do-gooders and more Evil-doers at home and abroad

Nipawin -Friday, November 9, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We just wrote few lines on how the businesses of oil and arms are strong components of the American aggressive foreign policies. In a previous article we determined that the insecurity of our airports was caused by the profit motivation of security firms in hiring low paid baggage and passenger screeners. We also found out that one social cause of the insecurity of U.S. airports was the highest incarceration rate affecting the pool of people from which the screeners are hired.


Now, we have president George Bush telling the world to wage a war against the Evil-doers and he describes the war in Afghanistan as between the forces of civilization against the barbarians, and this reminds me of the Roman Empire and its wars against the Anglo-Saxon barbarians. So we have president George Bush who has the civilized interests in the oil and arms business and then we have his declared war against the barbarian Evil-doers.


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It appears to me that president Bush applies the strategic Roman philosophy of divide and conquer, the coalition of Do-gooders on one side, the barbarian Evil-doers on the other side, and the war of policing power to win over the barbarian Evil-doers. Now as I reflect on the fact that America has the highest incarceration rate of any other country in the civilized world I realize that America is a country divided between the Do-gooders and the Evil-doers.

Strangely enough I notice that president Bush's state of Texas, besides experiencing the highest number of capital punishments of any other states with 35 deaths in 1999, has also the highest number of prison inmates at 163,190 in 1999. Texas had a population of 20,044,141 in 1999 and therefore it experienced in this same year 814 inmates per 100,000 residents or one inmate per 123 residents. As a comparison, in 1998, England experienced the second highest incarceration rate in Western Europe at 126 inmates per 100,000 people or one inmate per 794 residents.




So we have lots of Evil-doers in Texas and in America. Now with the push for the privatization of the prison system and smaller governments we are going to have the innovative business for the Do-gooders to incarcerate more people and thus create more profits and more Evil-doers.


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