Nipawin -Friday, November 23, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


The International Financial Institutions (IFI) make predictions, OECD makes predictions, our central banks make predictions, our neaoclassical economists make predictions. In the meantime, the mergers of ever big transnational corporations are taking place in the name of the mantras of the Free Market, Cost Cutting, and never ending Productivity Growth. Now all the rich transnational corporations and governmental agencies make economic predictions, and as they control the economy the only self-fulfilling predictions are more privatization, more business mergers, more foreign conquests, and more Free Market.




The predictions of our Big Brothers include the prediction of the rate of unemployment on top of the disenfranchised people, and they include the prediction for the charities to be devolved to developing countries for nation building. You got my picture yet? We live in a world of predictions of our Big Brothers: transnational corporations and their appointed governments.



So it is with a refreshing news that I hear Saskatchewan Party MLA Brad Wall's opposition to the expansion of the Crown SaskTel corporation into new foreign conquests.

Don Ching, president and chief executive officer of SaskTel, says that "we can't go out and conquer the world" and therefore as a spokesman for the citizens of Saskatchewan, Don Ching is carving a business niche in Australia by concluding his biggest international deal yet to set up a high-speed voice and data network in eastern Australia. Don Ching said his company will invest up to 75 per cent of the $95-million in equity funding that the project requires, another $65-million in debt financing will be raised, and the project will result in $86-million in annual revenue by 2009. So as we hear that "one in four Saskatoon children lacks life's necessities" our Don Ching uses a portion of these Saskatoon children wealth to predict the generation of $86-million in annual revenue by 2009.




I am asking Don Ching what the social cost of mortgaging the future of our Saskatoon children are. MLA Brad Wall is on target as he says that
"their core function [SaskTel] is to provide telephone service to Saskatchewan businesses and families at the lowest possible rate."




Congratulations to MLA Brad Wall for identifying Don Ching as useless asset to day and in the year 2009.


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