A New Vision for Saskatchewan Government Insurance:
SGI's Larry Fogg shoots for either No-Fault program or Tort program

Nipawin -Saturday, November 24, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis

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We must make sure that motor automobile insurance protects the future lives of the people being injured while at the same time satisfying the social needs of the insurance program to make the overall population healthier and freer from additional accidents and additional victims. We must also not forget the fundamental right of people to seek a remedy for a relevant tort they have suffered from a faulty party.




Presently, the No-Fault insurance program provides basically the same benefits to the no fault drivers and to the faulty drivers. Therefore, under the present No-Fault program the overall population would suffer since there is no incentive to be better drivers and take care of our own responsibilities for ourselves and for other people while on the road.




In January 1995, the Saskatchewan government implemented No-Fault insurance with no prior public debate. The No-Fault insurance program differs conceptually from the Tort program since with No-Fault injured parties cannot sue the faulty parties for pain and suffering. The Saskatchewan administration of the No-Fault insurance program has been the cause of human rights violation, forced rehabilitation, it has been opposed by accident victims who got together to form the Saskatchewan Coalition Against No-Fault Insurance, and the Saskatchewan No-Fault program has been supported by the fraudulent study conducted by Dr. David Cassidy with money provided by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance.




I have been trying to explain with my past writing that this Saskatchewan government has run out of any intelligence, and therefore, the only ideas they are able to manufacture are construed for the purpose to make people more confused. Because of the failure of the SGI's No-Fault insurance legislation and administration, this same government today is going to revise its motor insurance scheme and it is going to have two parallel programs, a No-Fault insurance program along with a Tort program.




I am not going to deal with the details of the new insurance scheme which has not been legislated yet and which is supposed to be implemented in January 2003. Instead, I want to highlight the regressive intelligence of this government in avoiding its social responsibilities for the benefit of the overall population by reporting the following statement of SGI President Larry Fogg:

If the data doesn't fit the conclusion fix the data

"My feeling is if you study both programs carefully there would be very few people that would ever opt out of the (no-fault) plan. The benefits are far more extensive. You're far better taken care of and protected,"




This government should work for all the people and we must not pay attention to the feelings of Larry Fogg as he provides free insurance advices to the people while supporting fraudulent work and going to the bank to reap the benefit of such frauds.
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