Suggesting an opinion survey to CNN's personality Paula Zahn:
"Do you support the constitution or you support Ashcroft's anti terrorism measures?"

Nipawin - Friday, December 7, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer"--Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State




One fundamental understanding of our living relationships is the concept of languaging, that is the coordination of our behaviour to become more intelligent individually and collectively. Our language such as English, French, Italian, Arabic, or Chinese... is just a component of our social languaging as languaging also includes our families, our communities, our culture. Our English language evolved with time and this is why we go back to the English dictionary to discover the roots of the words we use today.




We must understand that the same English word could be understood differently by different people, and this is one reason why we have misunderstanding between people. However, if we are more intelligent, we could bridge this misunderstanding by knowing more about the roots of our English words and put them into their historical context.




I have been saying for sometime that people are being brainwashed by the artificial language created by the Chicago School of Economics. This artificial language is known as Free Market and it is marketed by our hegemonic big corporations and their 'appointed' governments. When I reflect a little bit about the Free Market language I realize more and more that this Free Market language is a conspiracy to hijack the thinking and the lives of common people. One of the major culprits of this Free Market conspiracy is our corporate media.




Yesterday morning I was watching CNN on television while personality Paula Zahn was interviewing two people in regard to the controversial antiterrorist legislation and executive order to establish military tribunals to convict non-citizen terrorists by secretive trials, by secretive evidence and by secretive judgments with no appeals.




At one point, personality Paula Zahn asked the question of the type "how could anyone object to the establishment of secretive military tribunals if our opinion polls have both the highest support ever for President Bush and the related Ashcroft's anti terrorism measures?"


This is where our misunderstanding is rooted: in the opinion polls! Anti terrorism measures infringing on the US Constitution and on the freedom of the American people, yet opinion polls guide the Bush Administration. The US Constitution has been there for more than two centuries to protect the freedom of the American people. The constitution provides the American people with a vision on how to conduct their civil lives, and now the Bush Administration is telling the people that the world has changed on September 11, 2001 and it appears that the vision of a constitution is no longer needed.


There is a difference between opinion polls and the vision of the constitution. The public is told that opinion polls are scientifically precise within a margin of error of maybe plus or minus .01 percent as at a given day of the year. The US constitution is the vision of a nation and of its people, and President George Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft are infringing on the Constitution as they run their country by opinion polls.

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I would like to ask personality Paula Zahn to have this daily opinion survey on CNN's web site "do you support the constitution or do you support the Bush's and Ashcroft's anti terrorism measures?"