Action Plan for Saskatchewan Health Care:
Listening to health guru Dr. Ken Fyke and undermining democracy

Nipawin - Sunday, December 9, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We have been understanding that in absence of democracy our experts provide the decisive answers to whatever is right and wrong in our compartmentalized world. This is the case today for health care expert guru Dr. Ken Fyke. Our Saskatchewan leadership, and this leadership is really not too much different from whatever we find elsewhere, is autocratic, ever reductionist, and therefore undemocratic as democracy means as Nader says to perform our duties of 'daily citizenship' to respect ourselves and our neighbor.




The Saskatchewan government has just released the "Action Plan for Saskatchewan Health Care" as a consequence of Dr. Ken Fyke's recommendations for savings money for health care. In announcing this Action Plan, Premier Lorne Calvert proudly stated that his government has listened to the opinion polls of rural Saskatchewan and decided not to close rural hospitals as recommended by health expert guru Dr. Ken Fyke. However, the Action Plan includes many of Dr. Ken Fyke's recommendations such as having more health gurus making research on behalf of retaining this government, and establishing a High Tech 24-hour toll-free telephone line to offer immediate health advices.




Our unbiased journalist Murray Mandryk decideded instead of educating the public, to become a judge and scientifically line by line give different marks as he matches the Action Plan's changes versus Dr. Ken Fyke's recommendations. In the meantime, everybody ignores the fact that this government manages its administration by opinion polls rather than by having a vision, that it continues to be autocratic as the health care agencies use the Carver's Policy Governance model, and it continues to be reductionist as the health care system continues to save money by reducing the number of health districts to twelve from thirty-two, and it continues to be undemocratic as the boards of these new districts are all going to be appointed.




The sad story of Saskatchewan health care policies can be summarized by one saying I came across in my reading sometime ago "lower continuously the public expectations and the public will not be disappointed."


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