The Free Market and Argentina:
The Convergence of the Media and Journalist Les MacPherson

Nipawin -Friday, December 28, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


We must understand that the New World Order led by the American Bushism is characterized by the twisted phenomena of the Free Market and Terrorism. The Free Market is supposed to bring prosperity all over the 'free world,' while the American war against Terrorism is supposed to support the ever smaller free world from being contaminated by the rouge states and their terrorists.




We have already mentioned how the common language of people is being hijacked by the copyrighted language of the Free Market, and we are all experiencing the curtailment of our freedom to express our common language as President Bush is combating Terrorism at home and against the rouge states. Under Bushism, our common language is being manufactured under the new guiding principle of "US against them."


One manufactured word is 'CONVERGENCE,' that is the convergence of the Free Market, convergence of ideas, convergence of tastes, convergence of the power of money, convergence of behaviour, the convergence to take out our own freedom to think for ourselves and become the cogs of the Free Market.




Our Canadian and American media is converging. These media conglomerates are telling us that they are getting bigger to save money but in fact they are converging to manufacture new news. American journalist Mark Crispin Miller says that these conglomerates
"are getting bigger, louder, brighter, forever taking up more time and space, in every street, in countless homes, in every other head."




These media conglomerates have taken over the Internet and caused the convergence of the many industries: movies, television, radio, music, magazine, newspaper, entertainment. Under the new news of these media conglomerates you can't distinguish anymore reality from entertainment.




A few days ago I read the column 'Everything you wanted to know about Argentina' by Les MacPherson of The StarPhoenix. MacPherson lists two dozens things we might not have known about Argentina and he has a laugh at the social shortcomings of this country. For example, MacPherson begins with shortcoming number
"1. Urban Argentines rarely eat supper before 9 p.m. Serious nightlife doesn't begin until midnight,"
however he doesn't tell us that these shortcomings are the same shortcomings of the Free Market, that is the consequence of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and the continuous erosion of our democracies by our hegemonic leadership, Bushism in the United States, and the oligarchic leadership in Argentina.


The Free Market has given the final blow to the integrity of a nation and Argentinian novelist Albert Manguel writes
"The money lent to Argentina, several times, by the International Monetary Fund (that modern incarnation of the sin of usury) was pocketed by the same well-known ruffians: ministers, businessmen, industrialists, congressmen, bankers, senators... Argentina is no longer, and the bastards who destroyed it are still alive."
Les MacPherson is alive and well under the media conglomerate of Canwest Global Inc. and the bastards continue to get bigger, louder, brighter, forever taking up more time and space, in every street, in countless homes, in every other head, here in Saskatchewan, Canada, the United States and the free world.
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