Debunking the Free Market and their governments
in the name of WE THE PEOPLE

Nipawin - Thursday, January 10, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis

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I understand that life is not fair to begin with, but for me, to use this social understanding to make life better for the few and privileged while worse for the common people is a social crime. My family and I have had personal and painful experiences caused by the few and privileged, and I never gave up my efforts to understand the social roots for these painful experiences.






We started to analyze the social and governmental scenario in Saskatchewan and we identified a corrupt governmental leadership headed by former premier Roy Romanow. We moved on to understand the social and governmental scenario in Canada and again we identified a corrupt governmental leadership headed by Prime Minister Jean Chretien. We moved on to understand the social and governmental scenario in the United States and all over again we identified a corrupt governmental leadership headed by president George Bush Jr. We came to the conclusion that our governments don't serve the people, that our governments are private contractual deals rather than social contracts, that our governments serve themselves and their corporate friends.




We also got exasperated in realizing that the root of governmental and corporate corruption is a widespread phenomenon caused by the so called Free Market, the economic philosophy to make money with money peddled by the Chicago School of Economics.


Today we understand that Canadian Minister of Public Works Alfonso Gagliano was ordering the hiring of his friends by governmental agencies.



Also, today we understand that the Bush Administration broke off talks with the Taliban government to build a pipeline in Afghanistan in August 2001 and as a consequence warned the Taliban of an impeding bombardment of their country by the U.S. military. We must understand that the Bush family has business interests in the oil and arms industry.



Jeff Gates has stated that our democracy is at risk and I state that our democracies have been eroded and that we THE PEOPLE must take back our rights from our governments.

The Free Market along with corporate globalization must be debunked and so their proponents. Instead of the Free Market we must build people centered democracies, and therefore value again the French revolutionary cry: "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite."
  Note: the term 'Few and Privileged" was repetitively used by Mario deSantis as in the course of his writing he uncovered the systemic social abuses of our political and social leadership.
  Pertinent article published in Ensign
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