The Free Market Capitalism identified by Enron's Collapse:
A System Corrupted

Nipawin - Sunday, January 20, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis



This afternoon (January 18) I have headache.

Last night I watched the tape "MindWalk" based on the writings of scientist Fritjof Capra and I was reminded of the importance to see our events and experiences as patterns of relationships rather than as they present to ourselves as perceptions. In fact, the truth is that our truths are all made up as patterns of relationships. In particular, our smaller atomic particles behave as matter and as waves and their different relationships materialize with our perception of reality.

In this respect, I remember sometime ago communicating with Tim Shire, publisher of Ensign, and agreeing with him that future researches should mostly be directed into the study of our nervous system rather than into the infinitesimal make up of our body.


But what I am thinking now is about what to do with our Capitalism defined as Free Market. This morning I got so mad at B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell's governmental cuts and I expressed my understanding that he is driving British Columbia to become a fascist province. I have been expressing my continuous resentment to what has been happening to the Free market, to world wide violence and poverty, and after reading some works of John Ralston Saul I began to understand and use the term 'Fascism.'



The Eron's collapse has identified the weakness of unrestrained Capitalism, accounting institutions are corrupted, business conglomerates are corrupted, political institutions are corrupted, financial institutions are corrupted, educational institutions are corrupted as they teach our own kids the gospel of Free Market Capitalism. We have former states' officials who have created the Carlyle Group and who are making money out of the war on terrorism.


I hear today that the Ontario's privatization plan has been blamed for the Ecoli tragedy in Walkerton. Some time ago I got a bit frustrated as I was losing my continuity of expressing my thoughts, and then I realized that we cannot be too focused on a single topic as we must learn how to think in terms of relationships and compare apples and oranges. This is what economist Paul Krugman has concluded about Capitalism: A System Corrupted.
  Pertinent article in Ensign




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